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New York Sound & Motion is a full service video production company located in Springfield, Massachusetts. Formed in 2002 with the philosophy of providing affordable, high-end production, NYSM set out to change the look and attitude of local independent video and film. With the latest technology, devoted staff, and over 30 cumulative years in the production business, we strive to bring the customer’s ideas to life.

Pushing ourselves to deliver high-quality services, we were one of the first production companies in Western Massachusetts to go fully 4K. We film using a Sony F-55 camera outfitted with Zeiss lenses and edit post-production using Adobe and Avid software. We take pride in our work, so we want to ensure that we are keeping up with industry standards while providing consistent results to our clients. ​

We offer a video production services ranging from commercials to live events and everything in between. If you have an idea, we are here to turn it into reality. Our team works directly with you on scripts, hiring talent, props and set ideas, and more to ensure that everything is ready to go before filming takes place. ​

If you would like more information, give us a call: 413-734-3456

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Gina Fiorello Brown


Gina Brown started NYSM in 2002 alongside her husband Edward and has been at the heart of the company since the beginning. Not only is Gina the primary owner of NYSM, making this a woman-owned business, her work behind the scenes has been instrumental in the success of the company: managing accounts, human resources, insurance, finances, permits, licensing, grant writing, etc. Everything she does is to ensure that NYSM operates smoothly and continues delivering quality services to their clients. 18 plus years of experience owning NYSM has proven that Gina has been through thick and thin with the company but has helped NYSM come out stronger.

Gina has gained valuable experience as an assistant to the comptroller at Fox Hill Golf and Country Club in Long Island, as a bookkeeper for Michaels craft stores, all the while working on accounting classes to better her skills for the company. While she never envisioned herself running NYSM, Gina realized that it was a career decision that was better for herself and her family. Many don’t realize that the “business side” is the driving force behind any successful company. It is a necessary aspect that is crucial to the company and without Gina, NYSM would never be where it is today.

Aside from managing the financial side of the business, Gina assists on sets with makeup, and set design. She specifically enjoys working on sets for clients in New York City. Outside of work, Gina enjoys traveling, boating, and home improvement projects. She is greatly motivated by the successes of every aspect of NYSM, as well as her family.

Covid-19 has had a great impact on the business, but Gina has been the driving force that has kept NYSM successful even during hard times. She states, “With the pandemic, I hope that we can get through these hard times in one piece, be able to stay in business, and enjoy life.”

Edward Weston Brown lll


New York Sound & Motion is a full-service production company. We work with all budgets from local companies to clients like Deloitte LLP, UTC Aerospace, MGM Resorts International, and the Committee to Elect Deval Patrick.

Since 2002, we have provided service to some of the region’s most notable businesses and over 12 local and regional advertising agencies. My passion for small business clients and high-end production led me to explore economical approaches in providing high-quality production. We provided solutions to non-profit, educational organizations, and most importantly, small-business owners. It is our philosophy of affordable high-end production that has allowed us to weather the difficult and ever changing economy.As early as 2013, we were the first fully 4k video production company in Western Massachusetts utilizing our flagship camera system, the Sony F-55, outfitted with Zeiss Optics and edit in one of 2 edit suites, on both Adobe Premier and Avid Symphony.

For our high-end clients, we venture where many don’t, 4K RAW uncompressed, utilizing LUTS and color grading with raw Slog2 and Slog3. We have invested back into the company and have put technology to the forefront of our business. Along with our creative and technical expertise, we are able to create compelling and entertaining video production at a very reasonable cost. Since 2011, I have been flying drones to get great footage that up until that time, was only available to very high-end clients by other aerial means. Today, we use the DJI Phantom 3 Professional system to capture 4k video footage and still photos for our clients. We are FAA 107 certified, (since 2017 when the FAA required all commercial film companies to be), and fully insured. 

As a business owner, producer, DP and editor, I find the prospect of expanding my service to new clients to be exhilarating. My passion and commitment to small business has brought me my current success, and hopefully the opportunity to enjoy greater success in the future.