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Pre-production - occurs when concepts, goals, intended audience and budgets are developed. Scheduling, scripts, and locations are also key parts of pre-production that help a production run smoother, and help your final product be that much better. Based on these elements, dates will be set, scripts will be finalized, and a crew will be selected to operate during production day.



Production - occurs when the camera is ready to record. Production is the act of capturing your vision, scene by scene. Production utilizes talent, audio equipment, lighting gear and cameras to capture your vision. We offer both in-studio, and field location production, to suit your needs.


Post Production

Post production - occurs once everything has been recorded and is ready to be compiled into a cohesive polished video. It is time for the footage to be edited and compiled into a cohesive story that presents a message to your intended audience. This process may include elements such as still or animated graphics, still or animated backgrounds, video effects, voice-overs, music, and/or sound effects. Post production is based upon the footage captured in the production and the concepts created in pre-production . It is where your vision artfully emerges into a reality.

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