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Feb Sale

Summer Update

Summer is in full swing and production is really heating up at NYSM! We have been working on a whole new series of commercials for the Haymond Law Firm and two have already hit air! We couldn’t be more thrilled with how these spots came out, they were very complex shoots with lots of moving parts that all had to come together the day of production.

The spot which we have titled “Split Second Car Crash” could not have happened without the cooperation we had from Interstate Towing. Interstate provided us with the cars and assisted in setup of the very dramatic scene displayed in this spot. Two of their very professional crew members stayed with us throughout the production and can even be seen in the accident clean up scenes at the end of the commercial.

The second spot running right now is a new motorcycle spot. We were lucky enough to have Marks Motorsports provide us with the wrecked motorcycle that you will see in the commercial. This spot truly has a great feel and has been received very well by the motorcycle community.

Check in with us soon for more summer updates!

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